The Inder & Prabha Sharma Girls School, a unit of AIM for Seva, was established in 2009. The school began with 80 students and offered Classes from 1 to 8. Today, the school is a full-fledged higher secondary educational institution, and has classes from Lower Kindergarten to Class 12. Student strength stands at 336 students, with the girls coming from 56 villages in 14 districts. Adjoining the school is the Gayathri Devi AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, which offers the full-fledged benefits of a standard AIM for Seva Chatralayam to students from rural and tribal parts of India. 

The school campus is spread over 4 acres, with 15 classrooms, a computer lab (with 30 computers), a full-fledged science lab (which can accommodate 30 students at one time), a library (with 3490 books), and a playground. Well ventilated spacious classrooms equipped with comfortable furniture help create the right atmosphere for the child to learn. The provision of two school buses and a van help in terms of safe transport for the students. 

The members of the teaching staff are well qualified and trained according to the norms of the Board of Education of Madhya Pradesh. Ably guided by the Principal, they encourage the child to question, to explore and learn. At the Inder & Prabha Sharma Girls School, we regard schooling a means to enable the acquisition of knowledge, development of skills and the search for understanding. 

our history

2010 – 2011
Class 9 officially included to the school

2015 – 2016
First batch to graduate from High School (27 students)

2017 – 2018
First batch to graduate from Higher Secondary School (23 students)

Our Vision

To inspire and challenge young minds to develop into caring and committed individuals who strive for excellence in all they do, and pursue lifelong learning. 

The Five obligations

Each person has five obligations enjoined on him or her as a member of humanity. Such practices help you grow into a mature, caring, responsible person.  The five obligations are

Respect for God

Respect for parents and elders

Respect for teachers

Respect for people

Respect for nature and all living beings

Our Mission

To stimulate inquiring minds and spark enthusiasm for discovery and exploration.

To focus on all aspects of student development: Academic, Intellectual, Creative, Social, Physical, Ethical and Emotional.

We believe that self confidence comes from a child who understands and appreciates his or her tradition, culture, community and country. It is therefore our commitment to bring about this transformation by providing a caring supportive environment. We encourage each child through a process of guidance and learning to grow and transform, from being a consumer into a contributor.