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“I am proud to be a staff member of this institution. Swamiji (Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati) and Principal Ma’am are supportive and helpful.  Rest assured, our children feel very safe and secure in the school premises. This institution is very well managed and has all the requisite infrastructural facilities like transportation (buses), library, computer facilities and laboratories. Our school is like one big family. I too have learned a lot after coming to this institution!”

Kratika Sharma

Staff Member

” My name is Bharti Meena and I am from Class 12. I like my school very much. I joined this institution in Class 11. I am sure whatever I learn from this educational institution will definitely help me further in life. Our teachers put in a lot of effort and care while teaching the students. This enables students to take keen interest in the subject matter that is being taught to them. Our school is equipped with good infrastructure facilities like a library and computer facilities. The vast playground enables us to lighten our mood at the end of hard day of academics! I am very fond of my school. I love my school! ”

Bharti Meena

Student - Class 12

” I am Shankar Jat, father of Swati & Saloni. I am very happy with the infrastructural facilities provided by the school. PTA (Parent teacher meetings) are conducted at regular intervals. The school environment is safe and secure and the quality of education that is being imparted is also of a very high standard.”

Shankar Jat

Father of Saloni Jat - Class 9 & Swati Jat - Class 8

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